Sunday, October 18, 2020

USFDA approves first drug Inmazeb to treat Ebola Virus Infection

US FDA approved first drug to treat Ebola Virus Infection (zaire ebolavirus) . So far there was no drug treatment available for Ebola virus infection, and Ebola virus infection is more deadly than Corona Virus ( SARS-COV-2 ) 

The patient infected with the Ebola Virus would start bleeding from the skin, and the the virus too is very infectious spreads by direct contact with infected persons blood, or serum, or contaminated cloths bedsheets, ect.

The drug Inmazeb is a fixed dose combination of three monoclonal antibodies

1) Atoltivimab

2) Maftivimab

3) Odesivimab

last letter in "mab" represents "monoclonal antibodies

These three antibodies are specific to Ebola viral glycoprotein, which is responsible for process of infection in to our cells.

The drug Inmazeb is assigned as Orphan Drug Designation.

Last year in Dec 2019 US FDA has approved vaccine for Ebola Virus Infection (zaire ebolavirus), the vaccine is a recombinant live Recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus. The live recombinant virus vaccine when injected in to human produces glycoproteins of Ebola Virus thus triggers immunity against  Ebola Virus.

Ebola Virus

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