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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Paper strip can detect Ebola Virus infection

Ebola virus infection is life threatening almost 95% of infected people lost their life. Only in few instance in USA hospitals like Nebraska Medical center have adapted novel approach and are successful in saving lives of doctors and nurses.

One of the most successful strategy adopted was early diagnosis, and PCR techniques ( polymerase chain reaction) are the only method for diagnosis of Ebola infection and is not accessible worldwide to underdeveloped countries.
Which was one serious factor  in Africa, now to overcome situation of early diagnosis, scientists from Harvard University in Boston Massachusetts have developed a test, which is just like a litmus paper test, which is able to detect two strains of Ebola virus.

This paper consist of DNA from jellyfish layered in a sequential manner, which is freeze dried and preserved, when blood sample or serum from infected person in blotted over the paper strip become wet active DNA and produce coloured dots which indicated presence of Ebola Virus in the sample.

Upon positive results of this test a patient can be quarantined as a treatment can be initiated in few hours.

Nebraska Medical center have adapted novel approach:
They used serum derived from a person cured from Ebola virus infection to treat newly infected patient, also a newly developed monoclonal antibodies were made available for treatment of newly infected patient.

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