Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Definition of Drug Verious Types of Drugs

If we decide to define a drug the older definition of drug would have to be revised as follows.
Also some important points should be considered like a drug can not claim over its label that it cures the disease. Drugs medicines are ment for mitigation and elimination of the symptoms the disease may completely get cured or may get cured partially. Now days viral vectors gene therapy and cell therapies are also used as medicine hence definition of drug is revised.

Definition of a Drug: Drug is a substance administered to human to diagnose, mitigate, treate any disease conditions or it's symptoms, infections of harmful bacteria, virus and fungi, the substance may be derived from chemical or biochemical synthesis, derived from formulation of gene in to a non-living or live attenuated or virulant viral vector or bacteria, derived from plants, herbs or from mineral or salts.

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