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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Pancreas Cells grown as organoids that produce Insulin can be transplanted to humans

Human organoid that produces insulin developed for Type 1 Diabetes 

Type 1 Diabetes patients are required to take life long subcutaneous injections of Insulin in order to control the blood sugar level, they have to do this because their pancreas cells do not produce or produce insufficient amount of insulin, making them to depend insulin injections for blood glucose level control.

Scientists Salk institute la Jolla California, have developed tissue that resembles human organ cells in partly (Organoids), that can produce insulin when grown in laboratory.

These organoids consists of beta cells which can produce insulin when grown in media consisting of all factors required for their growth and functions, it is found that these cells can produce Insulin in sufficient amount, so that in event they are transplanted in to human body they can produce insulin independently.

Other aspect of the organoid transplantation is tissue graft rejection that our own body cells try to kill the transplanted cells, these organoid cells are developed to provide feedback to human T cells for not to attack on these organoid cells. This makes the organoid transplantation in human body a easy task.

So soon type 1 diabetes patients will get human organoid transplantation as and when required to control their diabetes. This will be one of remarkable invention in history of science.

Type 1 Diabetes is a diabetic condition where in patients beta cells of pancreas ( Beta cells of Islet ) are not able to produce insulin or they produce insufficient amount of insulin, due to which patient have to take subcutaneous injections of insulin life long.

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Pharmaceutical Educational Website Autored by B V WAGHMARE

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