Monday, September 1, 2014

Vector vaccine against Ebola under way

Vaccine for Ebola Virus:

Vaccine against Ebola virus is under development, Vaccine Research Center in united states is in the process of developing a vaccine with collaboration of Okairos ( GSK ) this vaccine is an investigational vaccine it is a vector vaccine.Vector is a suitable microorganism, like bacteria or virus (bacteriophages), which is used to deliver genes which after insertion into human body start producing proteins of Ebola virus which in turn act as antigens, human body start identifying and put it into memory in immunity imparting cells, and develop a immune response against this antigen that can protect human body upon actual encounter with Ebola virus.

Hurdles in developing vaccine and drug:
There is no drug antigens for treating infection of Ebola virus, if at all all are in investigational stages, neither there is any vaccine, there are many hurdles in developing drug and vaccine. As virus has its own mechanism to protect itself from immune response, antibodies developed against Ebola virus in human body after infection are not able to fight against Ebola virus, they are ineffective.

Systematic analysis of this have resulted in finding that RNA of Ebola virus are protected with a cap like proteins which hinder the approach of antibody to and protect Ebola virus RNA. This protein is known as VP 35. In-depth study of protein VP 35 will give a path to develop a effective drug or a vaccine for treatment of Ebola Virus infection. Researches from The Scripps Research Institute and Iowa State University have studied crystal graphic structure of VP 35 protein bound to Ebola RNA.

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