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Liposomal drugs delivery systems List of Liposomal drugs approved by FDA

Drugs available in market as liposomal drug delivery systems :
Following is the list of durgs with liposomal drug delivery system
Amphotericin B :
Amphoterecin B is an antibiotic and is an antifungal drug , it is required to be injected intravenously and have some seriously bad side effects like acute reaction and fever with chill , nausea, anorxia and weekness, all these side effects depend up on the concentration of Amphoterecin B available directly to all biological receptors in our body , along with fungal cells.
Formulating amphoterecin B in lyposomes prevent its diret contact with biological receptors where its action is not requires where as its action against fungal cell remain intact.

Cytarabine (Ara-C ) :
is an anticancer drug it is an nucleotide anti metabolite drug , and is cytotoxic , it also brings damage to other tissue cells when it come in contact with other normal tissue cells , along with cancer cells .
Formulations of Cytarabine (Ara-C ) in liposome reduce its untoward toxic effect on other tissue cells , and it can be specifically delivered to only cancerous cells only when the are tagged with antibodies against the cancer cells . the therapeutic concentration of drug to be administered in the body of patient also comes to lower side.

Cyclophosphamide :
It is a anticancer drug , like cytrabin it too has cytotoxicity it belonging to category cyclic nitrogen mustard These drugs are very unstable in biological fluids in fact it is a prodrug which when come in contact with biological fluid at ph 5 to 7 becomes active and exert their effect and kill cancer cell by alkylating DNA and thus making it inactive for any activity they are called as alkylating agents , it is also used in certain auto immune diseases as it reduces the activity of hyperactive immune cells. They too have untoward cytotoxic effect on normal cells as well .
Formulating cyclophosphamid in liposomes help in reducing its cytotoxic effects , as the drug concentration required for desired anticancer effect .

liposomal drug delivery of Doxorubicin
It is also an anticancer drug it is an antibiotic drug and has similar cytotoxic effects of anticancer chemotherapy, formulations of liposome formulations of these drug help in bringing down their cytotoxicity andand help in optimizing therapeutic efficacy.

Hepatitis A and Influenza vaccines :
Vaccines are developed in liposome to render their untoward effect sensitizing effect on immune system, further they can be combined with polyethylene glycol which further render vaccines less immunogenic and specific.

Liposomal Morphine in pain management in cancer patients it is formulated as controlled release , delayed release liposome with which it reduces the need of frequent intrathecal injections of painkiller morphine in cancer patients.

liposomal drug delivery of Verteporfin :
It is a drug used as photosesitizer in photodynamic therapy for macular degeneration, it is used to treat and eliminated damaged tissue in macular region in macular degeneration these drug absorb energy from light 693 nm and produce reactive oxygen , which help in treating damaged blood vessels in eye. Liposome help in optimizing the therapy with minimal concentration of drug and and targeting the damaged tissue.

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