Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Artificial aortic heart valve placed into heart without open heart surgery

First Innovative Transcatheter Heart Valve (THV) can now be placed in to heart with the help of catheter.

Senile aortic valve stenosis shortens life expectancy greatly in patients suffering from senile aortic valve stenosis if they are not treated with surgery to correct or replace aortic valve, which is done with an open heart surgery, some patients health condition poses great risk for open heart surgery, for such patients now US FDA has approved an innovative Transcatheter device which can replace aortic valve with an artificial valve with the help of a delivery catheter artificial valve is placed in to the defective valve , and it starts functioning within seconds after it is replaced , the innovative device is known as The Sapien Transcatheter Heart Valve (THV).

This device is approved only for patients which can not be considered for open heart surgery .
Heart is very important organ in human body, which requires working through out ones life. There are valves in our heart which regulate closing and opening of heart in a synchronized manner in different mode of contraction and relaxation of different heart chambers so as to facilitate normal blood supply or pumping of blood to all tissues in our body without causing back flow or mixing of blood.When ever there is a defect in heart valves it can lead to serious life threatening consequences like congestive cardiac failure and cardiac arrhythmias.

Senile aortic valve stenosis disease gradual deposition of calcium occur over aortic valve which causes defect in its functioning by making its opening narrow or making its opening smaller, because of which heart has to pump blood with more force than the regular normal force otherwise in a normal aortic valve. This leads to serious lifethretehning consequences like chest pain, cardiac arrest , heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias. Life expectancy of the patients affected with Senile aortic valve too becomes very short.

US FDA has now approved an innovative drug device an Innovative Transcatheter Heart Valve (THV) for patients which has greater risk in open heart surgery . It is made up of cow tissue and polyester supported with a mesh frame of stainless steel.

Catheter carrying a Transcatheter Heart Valve is inserted in to femoral artery by giving a small cut in leg and then it is placed and fixed by expanding it with balloon at the site of defective heart valve it is then functional immediately

There are risks also associated with this Transcatheter Heart Valve like stroke due formation of blood clot due to damage to blood cells by Transcatheter Heart Valve it self , perforation in blood vessel and ventricular structure and risk of developing impairment in nerve conduction of heart muscles.

Person with infection in heart and who can not take anticoagulant drugs should not be treated with the Transcatheter Heart Valve. Edwards Lifescience, is the manufacturer of the Sapien Transcatheter Heart Valve.

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