Friday, October 23, 2020

Managing Covid 19 positive patients based on the blood level of Cytokine Interleukin 6

In corona positive patients the biomarker Interleukin 6 plays a very important role in survival of patient from worsening of infection from moderate to sever.

A interleukin level in the range of 40 Picogram/ ml is considered to be normal, till it reaches to 52 pg/ml

When it goes beyond 80 pg/ml, patients must be treated with focus to make them ready for advance care.

In such preparedness the focused, treatment will be possible to those patients only who really need it most.

Medical facilities can be made available for the patients who are at the risk of life.

While doing this, obtaining the accurate results of interleukin 6 is important. 

There are other blood factors like tumor necrosis factor and C reactive proteins titer but its usefulness in management of covid 19 is not beneficial, while monitoring Interleukin 6 level alone is beneficial.

Why increased Interleukin 6 level monitoring is important ?

The fatal condition in Covid 19 cases is failure of respiratory system, infection of lungs and necrosis of lungs tissue, perfusion of lungs and emboli formation, which results in breathlessness, and triggers cardiac events. Interleukin 6 is responsible for the cytokine flair that triggers all above events and treat to life.

Therefore early identification of patients which need any drug interventions to inhibit Interleukin 6 synthesis, and so on can be provided to patients and lives can be saved, with focused attention.

Treating patients with drug that brings down the synthesis of 

What is normal level of interleukin 6 in covid 19 patients?

This answer need to be answered in precise manner by conducting clinical trials, and analysis of patients data.

Low dose Apirin 100 mg is capable of reduction in Interleukin 6 biosynthesis, and corticosteroids like dexamethasone also inhibit biosynthesis of  Interleukin 6 therefore both of these drugs must be considered in primary stage of infection, giving consideration for not extending dexamethasone dose for more than 5 days or as and when required to avoid adaptation by body tissue.

Naturally occurring Isoflavinoids are useful in reducing the Interlukin 6 level therefore soybean should be made part of diet.

Nasal decontamination procedure for Covid 19 patients and people living with covid19 patients.



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