Friday, June 3, 2022

Automatic Insulin Pump that work in conjugation with blood glucose level sensor for children above 7 years age

Type 1 Diabetes patients are required to take Insulin through regular injections in hypodermic Insulin syringes since type 1 diabetes patients body do not produce or produce insufficient amount of Insulin hence blood glucose level remains higher,  therefore type 1 diabetes patients are required to take dose of insulin through injections in daily repeated dosages.

Type 1 diabetes is observed in children, children are most affected and insulin injection is painful as well.

US FDA on 31 Aug 2020 approved a novel device that not only automates delivery of insulin in body but also monitors blood glucose level and calculate exact amount of insulin needed, this avoids excess dosage than required amount which certainly occur in routine hypodermic insulin injections proscribed since they are proscribed once and are maintained for several days until next blood glucose test is done and consultation with doctor. Optimal dosage of insulin gives body added advantage of safety.

Minimed 670 G is the name of the insulin delivery with continuous glucose monitoring system.(CGS)

This comes with CGS Guardian™ Sensor 3 and the Guardian™ Link 3 that decide exact amount of insulin to be pumped in blood via hypodermic implant.

Initial Calibration with Finger tip blood sample and blood glucose monitoring level calibration is required for this system, and is done as and when required.

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