Friday, May 1, 2020

Does Plasma Therapy work against COVID 19 ? Yes it does work but it should be given in early stage

What is plasma therapy for COVID 19 ?
Yes ! Plasma therapy is effective it should be used along with concomitant administration of antihistaminic agents like diphenhydramine.

Plasma therapy is a therapy used against highly contagious infective diseases caused by microorganisms like bacterias or viruses, in event when there is no drug available or there is no other remedy or vaccines are available, in such situation, white translucent part of the blood which is called as plasma is separated from healthy persons who are recovered from the infection or are now in good state of health.

Person previously infected and now recovered develops immunoglobulin antibodies against the virus these antibodies in form of plasma are separated from healthy individual and are injected in injectable dosage form as intravenous drip.

This method was also used during the out break of Ebola, and other infectious disease.
This therapy requires to be concomitantly administered diphenhydramine a anti histaminic drug which would control any allergic reactions occurring during the therapy.

If this is properly followed and monitored this method has good outcomes.
Care is required to be taken while screening donor, he should not have other HIV infection or Hepatitis B Hepatitis c infection or any other infection.
US FDA has published detail guidance document, doctors in rest of world should follow and use this option timely to treat patients, before Corona Virus damage the lungs of patients.

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