Sunday, May 24, 2020

Can Aspirin prevent disease progression in COVID 19 patients

Proposed use of Aspirin in treatment of COVID 19 blood clot formation and early recovery.

Novel Corona Virus 19, first infect throat and then go inside the lungs tissue and damage lungs endothelial tissue leading to endotheliitis and due to cytokine flare , lungs tissue is damaged to great extent, and it becomes life threatening due to formation of blood clots which occlude transfer of oxygen in lungs tissue.

Three important points in disease progression are
1. Positive & Infected symptoms yet to appear or may not show any symptoms.
2. Symptoms with fever.
3. Lung tissue damage, due to cytokine flair.

So to proper design a therapy to protect each stage need to design, by considering existing available drugs.

Use of Aspirin required to be urgently evaluated by clinical trial
Aspirin is Acetylsalicylate, Aspirin as anti-inflammatory to protect cytokine flair:
1) Aspirin is good anti inflammatory drug, that is it prevent prostaglandin synthesis by blocking enzyme cycloxiginase,  Prostaglandin is responsible for fever in covid patients so fever can also be managed with aspirin and paracetamol.

2) Aspirin has got antiplatelate aggregation activity, because of which it makes a very good blood thing and anti inflammatory as well as anti coagulant drug.This action of aspirin will provide protection to patients from rise in temperature, as well as it will act as anticoagulant and prevent formation of blood clots.

3) Aspirin is a prodrug, it breakdown in to salicylic acid, it eventually reduces PH of body fluid and the presence of salicylic acid molecule in blood will not support corona virus reproduction.
Even the sputum and mucus accumulated in lungs will bet dissolve faster and provide protective effect.

Therefore its need of time that Aspirin in lower or moderate dose is evaluated in treatment of COVID 19

Overall the effect of aspirin appears to be beneficial and it is required to be confirmed through clinical trails.

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