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Type 1 Diabetes and treatment Reason why type 1 diabetes occur

What is type 1 diabetes

Diabetes is a condition when our body is not able to handle sugar (glucose) in balanced manner , which result in further harmful health conditions like heart attack , High blood pressure, stroke and nerve damage, glaucoma , weakness fatigue , and wounds not healing for longer time.

Therefore diabetes is considered a bad disease and lasts for life long,

There are several reasons which are responsible for a person to get diabetes and there are following types of diabetes which are classified on the basis of reason why a person gets diabetes.

1.Type 1 diabetes , juvenile diabetes , insulin dependant diabetes.( Insulin not synthesized in body properly)

2.Type 2 diabetes (Insulin is produced but body do not respond in favorable manner to insulin)

3. Gestational diabetes: Diabetes induced in pregnant mother due to pregnancy , which get corrected after delivery , one should take care of this too as it may affect the baby as well.

1. Type 1 diabetes:

This type of diabetic patients are not able to secrete insulin in sufficient amount, this type of diabetes is diagnosed in early childhood as the high blood sugar level bring in the untoward complications in early childhood it self, therefore this type 1 diabetes is also called as juvenile or insulin-dependent diabetes as some of the drug which act by stimulating pancreas for insulin synthesis do not work in such patients , therefore the patients affected with type 1 diabetes are required to be given insulin injections.

Differentiation between the type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can be done easily.

The most precise method is to carry out c peptide assay, measuring c peptide in ones body it can one can find out the ability of body to produce insulin ingeniously .

The precursor for synthesis of insulin is C PEPTIDE which is measured in diabetes patients , lower value of c protein assay indicates poor availability of c protein and in turn it can be correlated to low amount of ingeniously synthesized insulin.

Reason why type 1 diabetes occur:

Insulin is produced in our body by endocrine glad called as pancreas there is a group of cells called islets of Langerhans cells produce insulin , when these islets cells are destroyed or are not generated in pancreas patient gets type 1 diabetes.

Why these cells which produce insulin get destroyed,

it may be the case that in early life patient may be having normal level of insulin but later it drops down due to damage to pancreas and insulin producing cells, the damage could be because of autoimmune reactions.

Autoimmune reactions are reactions where in our body produces certain antibodies against our body tissue and the antibodies destroy the body tissue .

Type 1 diabetes can also be treated by transplantation of pancreas or islets cells, which involves transplantation surgery.

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