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Infertility causes and treatments

What is infertility, what is male infertility and female infertility
Which are factors responsible for infertility in men and women?
How is infertility treated?
Infertility in women means inability to produce
1. Fertile eggs, or in some cases eggs do are produced by are not fertilized by sperm.
2. If at all eggs are produced they do not get fertilized by sperm
3.Even fertilized egg is not accepted in uterus for its embedment in uterine tissue for further growth , this may be because of infection, foreign body inside uterus, like copper T or intra uterine devices which are know causes , the unknown cause may be ulceration or a tumor in uterus.
5. Further if at all a female get pregnant she is not able to carry the fetus for complete term of nine month, a midterm termination of pregnancy happens accidently any time.
There are several reasons for these conditions we will brief in detail as follow.
There may be several factors responsible for infertility in women.
1. Age after age of 35 there are chances that a female become infertile.
2. Over weight, overweight female are always at the risk of being infertile.
3.Inability to produce eggs as ovary is not matured, this process depends on the hormone known as follicle stimulating hormone when there is lack of this hormone in ones body egg producing organ ovary is not matured and eggs are not produced leading to infertility.
4. Damage to the fallopian tubes (endometriosis) which is caused because of infection with Chlamydia trachomatis.
5. In some cases there are polymorphisms in folate pathway gene which is a genetic change which may be responsible for infertility.
Following disease are also responsible for infertility:
1. Hyperprolactinemia
2. Hypopituitarism
3. Diabetes mellitus
4. Thyroid disorders
5. Adrenal disease
6. Auto immune disease in which antibodies against thyroid are produced in ones body which are also responsible for infertility.
7.Chemical and environmental factors like pollution, pyridine inhalation , pesticides tobacco too are responsible for infertility.
8. Adeno-associated virus infection too is one of reason for infertility.

Both men and women may be infertile in some cases.
Infertility in men are due to
1.Low sperm count
2.Lack or low motility in sperms.
3.Fathers DNA may contain a defective Y chromosome which do not produce infertility to female progeny but it affects to male progeny, which are responsible for abnormal or defect in sperms.
Treatments for infertility:
1.Home conception kits: These devices are approved by US FDA as medical devises and assist in placing sperms in close proximity of External orifice of the uterus.
2. Medical treatments with ovulation inducer drugs :
There are some drugs available like clomifen which are used in female to induce ovulation, where ovary is not able to produce eggs themselves this condition is called as unovulation.
There is following risk with such medicine
1. Multiple pregnancies due to twin eggs, there may occur some genetic defects in babies therefore complete genetic counseling is required before starting of medication.
2. Invitro fertilization, this method is adapted when fertilization is not happening in ones body, egg is fertilized in laboratory and is injected in to the uterus of the mother, or a in to a suitable care taker(test tube baby)
3. Acupressure is said to work in infertile women but there is very less evidence for the claim.
Therefore Invitro fertilization ( IVF ) is one of one of widely adapted and safer method.

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