Saturday, April 11, 2020

Why Hydoxy Chloroquine is working against Novel Corona Virus 19 or Covid 19

How Hydroxy Chloroquine work in treatment of novel corona virus 19 infection (covid19)  ? 
Hydroxy Chloroquine Protects from inflammatory damaging auto immune response on lungs tissue and prevents multiplication of virus, hamper viral protein synthesis by blocking RNA DNA bases.
Hydroxy Chlorquine

Hydroxy Chloroquine Intercalate in between DNA and mRNA of Ncov19 during translation it forms hydrogen bonding with purine and pyrimidine nucleotide and intercalate and hamper the process of translation and protein synthesis of nCov19

Hydroxy Chloroquine is immune modulator drug one of drug that lowers down the aggressive immune response over lungs cells which is a self destructive, the damage of the lungs tissue in covid19 infection is more due to the aggressive immune response compared to that of viral particles destructive mechanism.

Corona Virus 19 Viral particles infect the lungs tissue and start multiplying inside the lungs cells, they make our lungs cell production factories of new viral particles, in the response to the infection our body develops its immune response against the infection, in case of corona virus 19 infection the immune response work against the lungs tissue and lungs cells are damaged due to inflammatory immune response. Hydroxy Chloroquine suppresses this aggressive immune response and modulate immunity, which is a protective step for lungs cells.

If we look at the molecular structure of purine and pyrimidine bases in RNA and DNA most the orientation of Hydroxy Chloroquine quinoline molecule and side chain is complementary to pyrimidine bases. Therefore hydroxy chloroquine is likely to form hydrogen bonding with nucleic acids.
Its very interesting part that Hydroxy chloroquine was used in treatment of malaria and its still one of important drug in treatment of Lupus and autoimmune disorders

Bases found in DNA and RNA have structural similarity with chloroquine molecule.

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