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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Monoclonal Antibodies found to be reducing occurrence of migraine

There is very little treatment options available for migraine and often those are not so effective in all patients unlike like other disease treatment involves lot of change overs in medications. A protein called calcitonin gene–related peptide (CGRP)is responsible for migraine. Hence to prevent the occurrence of migrane monoclonal antibodies which target this peptide was studied and found that
Monoclonal antibody Fremanezumab when given once in month have reduced the occurrence of migraine attacks to about 50% compared with patients not treated with Fremanezumab.
It could be best option for treatment in combination with existing therapy available for migraine.
Migraine is very sever form of headache,  people suffering with migraine have very limited option for treatment, moreover the treatment always are not successful in bringing down the occurrence of migraine pain attack.
Person suffering with migraine experience aura or zigzag lights, with sever pain.
Treatment involves drugs, non steroidal anti inflammatory agents like Ibuprofen, aspirin metoclopramide and opoind analgesics are used.
Some medicines like haloperidol and valporates are also used to treat depending up on the severity.

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