Thursday, December 12, 2013

Micro BioRobot developed

Bio-Robot which can swim in to body fluid and deliver drugs to specific site

You might have come across a fiction story of a micro robot which enter in to human body and conduct micro surgeries on delicate part of human body, like brain or clears up a blood vessel blockages of debris of plaques blocking blood supply to vital organ like brain.

In near future such micro robots could become reality. In order to impart mobility to robot, cells are used which contract and relax autonomously even when separated out of body are used, for example myocardium or cardiac muscle cells were used in an experiment conducted by scientists at the University of Illinois they made use of rat heart cells, heart rat cells were laid down over filaments designed for movement with the help of 3D printer.

In one of the step towards development of micro bio robot scientists from Institute for Integrative Nanosciences have developed a micro bio boot which can be navigated through body fluids by controlled external magnetic field.

Metallic nano tubules with opening on both end with one end opening smaller than other are used, these tubes were impregnated with bovine motile sperm cells, so that when flagella move the metallic nano-tubes move. Movement and direction of metallic nano tubes could be controlled externally by application of magnetic field.

Such a micro robots can be used for targeted drug delivery to a cancer cells, medical sensing, and micro-manipulations or even microsurgery.

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