Wednesday, September 25, 2013

World Pharmacists Day Celebrated on 25-Sep-2013

25- Sep-2013 day was celebrated wold wise as  World Pharmacists Day, 

Breaking the rule we still want to make it more memorable for all of you Pharmacists by greeting forever and expressing  feeling That we all  are Proud to be Pharmacists !!! 

Pharmacists is a guy who is involved in all the process in developing a molecule in to a drug from stages of drug designing, finding its medicinal values of a molecule, its physiological effects, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, formulation, and manufacturing, evaluation of drugs safety and efficacy (clinical trials) regulating the process of manufacturing and licensing, till the process of explaining a patient how to take his medicine safely and effetely.

Pharmacists are one of the brilliant people, still most under privileged in some part of world.

Lest Honor our Pharmacists!

Thank You our Pharmacists Teachers!
Thank you ….Pharmacists!!! and a lot special thanks to pharmacists who raised above all after getting a degree in pharmacy became entrepreneurs and have set up pharmaceutical firms.!!!!!

You are our Inspiration!!!

Pharmacists Pharma Journal 

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