Friday, January 31, 2014

Artificial lab grown kidney which can reduce kidney transplant rejection

New research for reducing Kidney Transplant Rejections Artificial Kidney can be developed from patients tissue itself. 

For patient suffering from chronic renal failure, kidney transplant is the only option and about 1 out of 4 kidney transplants fail even after through screening of donor and tissue compatibility , Transplanted kidney fail to withstand as recipients body immune system it self attack on transplanted kidney and rejects the transplanted kidney tissues.

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital have created a kidney which will not produce such tissue rejection, as the recipients tissues it self can be used grow the kidney tissues in laboratory and same can be transplanted with minimal risk of tissue rejection.

In a laboratory experiment, they removed rat kidney and removed all cellular tissue over from kidney and kept only vasculature structure like a small web of vasculature , decellularization technique was used to make kidney free from all cellular tissue, in this technique, mild surface active agents are used along a continuous flow of washing liquid.

Decellularization kidney vasculature was kept in a vacuum chamber and endothelial cells were flown though renal artery and other kidney tissue cells obtained from newborn rat were inoculated and kept in a bioreactor with nutrients for cells to grow.

A kidney tissue thus obtained could filter blood and urine formation was found successful, this approach can be used in near future for providing a successful kidney transplant and reduce organ rejection.
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