Thursday, August 1, 2013

Current Good Manufacturing Practice GMP Definition

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP):

Practices or methods adapted during and before the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals or drug substances to ensure that the pharmaceutical or drug substance manufactured meets highest purity quality standards, methods adapted are mostly pertaining to Personal hygiene, and environmental cleanness, and are to eliminate microbial or particulate contamination or cross contamination.

Definition of Pharmaceuticals:-

Pharmaceuticals are substances which contain one or more pharmacologically, therapeutically , active substances, derived from chemical, mineral ,plant ,microbial or animal origin, which exhibit its therapeutic, pharmacological, chemical activity when applied or administered to human or animal. They are be used to treat human or animal diseases and disease conditions, or symptoms.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP):-

Any novel, or upgraded methods or systems, operations,with respect to personal hygiene, machinery or tools , premises or environment and its control which assures better results with respect pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices. That means CGMP is never a constant or a stable process rather it is continuous phenomenon of improvement

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