Friday, October 14, 2011

OTC drugs containing chloroflouorocarbons CFCs will not be available in US after 31dec 2011

So far there is only one drug in USA which is being sold as OTC drug and which contain chloroflouorocarbons (CFCs) as a propellant and containing ephinephrine it is used for getting temporary relief from symptoms of mild asthma, it will be now phased out and will not be available for patients using them after this years end,  after 31-Dec- 2011, as it contains chloroflouorocarbons (CFCs) a substance which is known to deplete ozone.

Though all manufacturers of inhalers and other drug delivery systems which were using CFC have changed it to other environment friendly propellant system, there is no non CFC propellant system based inhaler which contain drug epinephrine is available.

Where as other drugs can be used to get temporary relief from symptoms of asthma require a prescription for its sale.

The only OTC epinephrine inhaler containing CFCs is marked by Armstrong Pharmaceutical Inc the product or brand name of the inhaler is Primatene Mist which is the only OTC epinephrine containing inhaler , US FDA had reminded about nearing of its phase of date 31-Dec-2011 to public who still use epinephrine inhaler Primatene Mist , also the product itself mention on its label about the same. US FDA in have asked general public to get other drug prescribed from healthcare provider and in event they don’t have a asses to a prescriber for same visit nearest community health center and get a non CFC propellant based inhaler prescribed as all of such inhalers are not OTC they require prescription for its sale.

US FDA stated in its press release that this is required to comply with the obligations of USA as per the Montreal Protocol for restricting use of substances which deplete ozone layer in atmosphere.

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