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Angioedima treatment new drug US FDA

Angioedima is a condition which causes spontaneous swelling of soft tissues dermis, subcutaneous tissue, submucosal tissues, mucosa, with typical symptoms of inflammation, swelling occurs typically over face and around throat, and tongue, it is painful and eatchy , some times blocking air way , which result in lowering oxygen level in blood (Asphyxia) , which may become life threatening if not treated.

Angioedima occure because of : Heredetory, Drug induced, because of allergy.
Angioedima caused by drug induced, because of allergy can be treated or ceases on discontinuation of causative agent or after treatment of antiallergic drug. Hearidetory angio edema , which is caused due to deficiency of C1 inhibitor protein , is treated with injecting intravenously C1-esterase (C1-inhibitor or C1INH) concentrate obtained from suitable donor blood, which is always not feasible.


Heredetory Angioedima HAE : Occur due to absence C1-inhibitor or partly or completely loss of capability to produce C1-inhibitor an ezyme which is responsible for inhibitory action on bradykinine which is responsible for process of inflammation , Bradykinin brings about vasodialation and is responsible for edematous condition, as vascular fluid keeps on accumulating in surrounding tissue which result in to edema.
US FDA has approved a new drug which can be used fro treatment of Angioedima, name of drug is Firazyr (icatibant) Injection which is approved for use in patients of age 18 and above.

Mode of action of Firazyr (icatibant):
Firazyr (icatibant) is a drug which resembles protein molecule (peptide), owing to its similarity to bradykinin peptide , it blocks bradykinin B2 receptors antagonistically , thereby reducing the edematous and inflammatory effect of bradykinin.

Other two drugs approved by US FDA for Heredetory Angioedima HAE
Berinert for facial HAE
Kalbitor for treating patients of age sixteen and above.

Side effects of Firazyr are as follows : Redening at the site of injection, increase in enzyme level in liver, fiver, rash, and dizziness. Shire Human Genetic Therapies Inc. of Cambridge, markets the drug Firazyr.

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