Friday, April 28, 2023

New drug and first treatment and a drug for scorpion sting exclusively now available.

First specific treatment for scorpion stings is approved by US FDA, gets approval as an orphan drug.

The US FDA has now approved a new treatment for scorpion sting , a new treatment comprising of immunoglobulin against scorpion sting, name of product approved is Anascorp (Equine) Injection, it is approved as an orphan drug and its a first drug exclusively approved for Centruroides scorpions sting.

Drug is an immunoglobuline G (Ig G) prepared by sensitizing horse with scorpion venom and collecting  horse serum and digesting it with pepsin an enzyme which can digests protein,  followed by separation F(ab’)2 fragments by process of fractionation to get  immunoglobulin F(ab’)2 fragments to take care of anaphylaxis associated with horse serum which are further purified to remove any viral contaminants and lyophilized, it is a polyvalent sterile non pyrogenic preparation.( also see What is PEGylation technology )

How the drug act against scorpion sting:
Drug Anascorp contains specific immunoglobuline G (Ig G) or antibodies against scorpion venom, when it is injected intravenously in to patient who got a scorpion sting , the drug binds with scorpion venom in the blood and tissue in patient , this bound venom is then eliminated out of body easily by further protecting patients tissue and body from bad effects of scorpion sting.

Scorpion sting if left in treated may become life threatening in some patients , typically it causes breathing problem, blurred vision, muscular twitching and uncoordinated muscle movements, fluid in lungs, increased salivation, indistinct speech, difficulty in swallowing and abnormal eye movement.
The clinical study was conducted at various parts in Arizona in united states (multicenter clinical trial) where

Clinical trial : Efficacy and safety of Anascorp was evaluated in multicenter open lable blinded clinical trial across Arizona.

Most common side effect of the drug is nousia , vomiting ,pyrexia and rash.
Precautions while using Anascorp (Equine) Injection include : known anaphylaxix to horse serum, serum sickness, myalgias .

Drug is manufactured by Instituto Bioclon, S.A. de C.V., of Tlalpan, Mexico, D.F.and licenced to Rare Disease Therapeutics Inc., Franklin, TN, and distributed by Accredo Health Group Inc., Memphis, TN.

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