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Botox injection onabotulinumtoxinA urinary incontinence nervous system damage

Botox can be used in treatment of urinary incontinence because of damage in nervous tissue.

Urinary incontinence is a condition where a patient’s bladder can not hold urine, it may be because of certain surgeries like removal of prostate gland or because of certain neurologic conditions like spinal chord injury or multiple sclerosis (condition which develops due to damage in nerves in brain and spinal chord).

US FDA has approved Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) injection for treatment of urinary incontinence developed due to neurological diseases which makes urinary bladder overactive.So fare urinary incontinence was treated with catheter to remove urine from bladder and drugs which act by bringing relaxation in muscles of bladder because of bladder can store urine.

Botox injection containing onabotulinumtoxinA is injected in to bladder, which brings about relaxation of bladder muscle, so that bladder can store more urine and reduce the effect of urinary incontinence, which other wise is very difficult to manage in case if it is associated with neurological damages. Injection of Botox is done with a procedure called as cystoscopy with which doctor can see inner surface of bladder , general anesthesia may be required to carryout cystoscopy.

In urinary incontinence associated with effect of Botox on bladder muscle lasts up to ten months.
Botox has showed good improvement in a clinical study which involved 691 patients affected with urinary incontinence due to spinal chord injury or multiple sclerosis study was compared with placebo group.
US FDA has also approved Botox for treatment of chronic migraine headaches. Botox is also used to treat facial frown lines and to treat contraction and stiffness in some muscles, it is also used to treat twitching of eyelid and improper aligned eyes because of muscular contractions.

Adverse effects of Botox when used for urinary incontinence are urinary tract infection, urine retention, it is required to carryout self catheterization to empty bladder.

Botox is marketed by Allergan Inc., of Irvine, Calif USA.

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