Sunday, February 13, 2011

Now medical images may be viewed by doctors on apple iPhone and iPad its now official.

US FDA has cleared first application for mobile devices in diagnostic radiology.
Its an classic example of technology and its advancement and its application in health care where USA is always a leader, so is the US FDA. Now physicians and doctors in USA can view medical images like computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and nuclear medicine technology positron emission tomography (PET) , while they are on move or at home or while they are working in other hospital or clinic far away from the patient .

Some times timely observations and interpretations are very important in deciding further advancement in treatment or therapy for a patient , specially in some emergencies , the time span between the waiting for doctor to see his patients scans and images is very crucial, reducing this time span will be of great value for patients awaiting treatment.
US FDA has now cleared a new application for viewing such medical images on iPhone and iPad’s made by Apple Inc. This is its first of kind application , FDA says in its press release that it is not intended for replacing full workstation rather it should be used when doctors away from a work station and there is no access to a workstation.

How this works :
An MRI image or a medical image taken in the hospital or a clinic is compressed for secure network transfer and it is sent through a suitable wireless device by a software called Mobile MIM.
Cleveland-based MIM Software Inc has manufactured mobile MIM , with which a doctor can measure distances on an image with the help of image intensity values and display measurement lines, annotations and regions of interest. A safety guide is also provided with the application.

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