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Beneficial Properties of Garlic Suppliments

Health Benefits of Garlic .

Garlic contains, sulphur compounds , aged garlic when finely chopped and aged it contains amino acid allicin which is diallyl thiosulphinate , which in turn is beakdown in to diallyl disulphide . Disulphide and thiosulphinate groups, because of their strong reducing properties are capable of even reacting with oxidizing free radicals and peroxides in our body which are responsible for effect of aging, also these moieties can inhibit oxidase enzymes which are responsible harmful oxidative effect on body tissues.

Garlic also contain flavonoids which are antioxidant and are known to protect body against oxidative process of aging.

In some animal experiments it is observed that garlic is able to protect DNA from oxidative damage and mutation, hence many researchers are looking at garlic as a natural protective remedy against cancer, it is believed that regular use of aged garlic can protect our body from certain types of cancers.

Regular use of garlic in food as additional supplement is beneficial in several ways.

Garlic is can lower down aging and oxidative process of body and protect our body from harmful effect of free radicals.

Garlic is known to reduce total cholesterol and LDL in some individuals , but it is not yet firmly established or proved in any clinical trial.

Property of garlic to induce thinning of blood is considered as a cardio protective property which helps to keep away thromoembolic conditions.

Garlic is helpful in arthritis , and has cardioprotective properties .

Garlic supplementation is found to be useful in reducing blood pressure.

Aging process:
Human body is complex system that functions in normal condition due to number of physiological events and biochemical cycles , human body synthesize number of indigenous biomolecules and biochemicals , which take part in completion of several functions which are responsible for normal functioning of our body.

As age progresses these physiological events and systems or biochemical mechanisms become weaker and some times , the biochemicals those were helping our body earlier , may prove bit harmful this time, this is a process of aging.

One of the most important factor in aging is oxidative process , faster oxidation of bimolecules
or proteins , enzymes , which are responsible for some critical physiological functions.
Many peoples take antioxidant food suppliments in order to over come the process of aging , we sugest that one should consult with physician before starting antioxidant food suppliments

As that with any drug molecule, garlic has its own side effects , garlic too has its own adverse effects and has many drug interactions which are stll not clearly known.

Hence before starting garlic one should first consult your physician or Doctor.

If you are taking any sort of medication, then do not take garlic concomitantly or do not take garlic even after a break of few days(wash out period) so as to avoid harmful side effects of garlic when combined with other drugs.

Garlic can interfere with number of drugs , a pharmacist and doctors can visualize them , but data is very limited.

One of the important drug interaction reported so far is with anti retroviral drug , garlic can lower the efficacy of antiretroviral drug (competitive inhibition) , hence patients on HAART regimen (that include protease inhibitors ) should not take garlic supplements.

Garlic is known to produce extended coagulation time hence person consuming garlic supplements may be at risk of blood loss in accidental injuries, hence garlic should not be taken while some one is already taking a anticoagulant drugs like warfarin, aspirin etc.

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