Sunday, August 1, 2010

US FDA'S initiative to control inapropriate use of antimicrobial agents in food producing animals

US FDA'S initiative to control inappropriate use of antimicrobial agents in food producing animals

There is news which you will like to read , apart from the magic mineral water issue, where US FDA has asked Dairy Farms to not to use antibacterial agents inappropriately in food-producing animals , US FDA found the drug residues in samples of tissues ,containing residues of antibiotics such as neomycin, flunixin, desfuroylceftiofur, and sulfamethazine beyond permitted levels FDA found that the it is not safe for humans .
These drugs were being used to promote weight gain in animals rather than treating animals before slaughtering.
The US FDA approves any new animal drugs with requirements, which includes a specified time period withdraw an animal from treatment prior to slaughter, to ensure that a drug has been depleted from edible tissue to a level safe for humans.
In the response to this initiative of US FDA dairy farms in USA has agreed to stop Improper medication to animals.FDA has asked them comply with all requirements. which includes establishment of a recordkeeping system approved by the FDA to track the identity of medicated animals and the drugs and dosages given.

US FDA has also published a guidance document for use of antimicrobial agents in food-producing animals.

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