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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Text books (Theory)
a. Pharmaceutical dosage forms, Vol, I,II and III by lachman
b. Rowlings Text book of Pharmaceutics
c. Tutorial Pharmacy – Cooper &Gun
Reference books (Theory)
a. Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences
3. Topic
1. Pharmaceutical dosage form- concept and classification
2. Tablets: Formulation of different types of tablets, tablet excipients, granulation
techniques quality control and evaluation of tablets. Tablet coating, Type of coating,
quality control tests for coated tablet.
3. Capsules; Production and filling of hard gelatin capsules, Raw material for shell,
finishing, quality control tests for capsules. Production and filling of soft gelatin
capsules, quality control tests for soft gelatin capsules.
4. Liquid orals: Formulation and evaluation of suspensions, emulsions and solutions.
Stability of these preparations
5. Parenterals Introduction Containers used for Parenterals (including official tests)
Formulation of large and small volume Parenterals Sterilization
6. Ophthalmic preparations (Semi – Solids): Introduction and classification Factors
affecting absorption and anatomy of skin Packaging storage and labeling, Ointments
Types of Ointment Base Preparation of ointment, Jellies Types of jellies Formulation
of jellies Suppositories, Method of preparation, Types Packaging
7. Definition and concept of Controlled and novel Drug delivery systems with
available examples, viz. parentral, trans dermal, buccal, rectal, nasal, implants, ocular

List of Experiments :
1. Manufacture of Tablets
a. Ordinary compressed tablet-wet granulation
b. Tablets prepared by direct compression.
c. Soluble tablet.
d. Chewable tablet.

2. Formulation and filling of hard gelatin capsules

3. Manufacture of parenterals
a. Ascorbic acid injection
b. Calcium gluconate injection
c. Sodium chloride infusion.
d. Dextrose and Sodium chloride injection/ infusion.

4. Evaluation of Pharmaceutical formulations (QC tests)
a. Tablets
b. Capsules
c. Injections

5. Formulation of two liquid oral preparations and evaluation by assay
a. Solution: Paracetamol Syrup
b. Antacid suspensions- Aluminum hydroxide gel
6. Formulation of semisolids and evaluation by assay
a. Salicyclic acid and benzoic acid ointment
b. Gel formulation Diclofenac gel

7. Cosmetic preparations

a. Lipsticks
b. Cold cream and vanishing cream
c. Clear liquid shampoo
d. Tooth paste and tooth powders.
8. Tablet coating (demonstration)

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What is What is 510(k) Clearances ?
What is 510(k) Clearances,

Premarket Notification for medical devices - PMN or 510(k)

What is a drug interaction

Examples of drug interactions

Antibiotic Definition and classification

Antibiotic resitance and Antibiotic resistance mechanism

Antioxidants food suppliments

Vitamin D Details on FDA cautions on accurate dosage of Vitamin D

What is an antibody? what is monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies?

Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay ELISA

Raido Immuno assay

Pharmaceutical Aseptic Manufacturing Process Terms , Terminology and Definitions.

Here are some articles which will be useful for you in further understanding of aspects of sterile dosage form manufacturing and regulatory affairs and good manufacturing practice in

pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Validation

Types of validations in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Requirements of documents for validation of sterilisation process

How to investigate OOS out of specification results

Determination of Phenol coefficient of a disinfectant

Sterility testing

Cleen Room Classification

Time limitations in sterile pharmaceuticals processing

Aspects of validation of manufacturing process in sterile pharmaceuticals

Clinical Trials

Controlling Pyrogens in injectable dosage forms

Media fill run process simulation aspects Validation of Aseptic Process and Sterilisation

New Drug Application (NDA) how to make a New Drug Application (NDA) to US FDA

Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) What is ANDA , detaied information about ANDA preparation and submission to US FDA

How to make Investigational New Drug (IND) Application to US FDA

Drug applications submission to us fda Over the counter Drugs OTC drugs


Electronic record in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

Good manufacturing practice in pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical companies and FDA latest updates

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Article on Pharmaceutical Industry pharmaceutical industry

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1.Quality assurance in pharma industry

2.Quality by designe concept for pharmaceutical industry

3.Quality by designe concept in pharmaceutical industryan explanation

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